Fluorescent fabric red sneakers also have brains

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In the World Cup, ba shen left the impression on the fans, in addition to the absent face only on the feet of the left and right foot color is different, very eye-catching sneakers. Careful observation, just like blooming flowers blossoming on the foot, South American amorous feelings render tiptoe, this World Cup, sneaker steals a play especially.

Fluorescent fabric goes viral

Like the perennial black dress on the red carpet, there was a time when, on the pitch, the black sneaker was one of the few things that didn't work. Now, as time goes by, the black shoe has become the exclusive shoe only the referee will wear.

"Now I'm not surprised to see sneakers in any color." "I've seen pink and green in all kinds of colors. When I was a kid, it was impossible. All shoes should be black."

Think back to the World Cup in South Africa four years ago, when most of the players were still playing by the book, and then, starting with euro 2012, a little bit of color, a showy flower after the rain, spread across the grass. When it comes to Brazil, the palette is knocked over, and several major shoe companies are offering a variety of color choices for the World Cup. Metallic purple, iridescent purple, earth green, golden yellow (it looks like lemon yellow), and even fluorescent lizards with mottled colors... Colors that sound like summer smoothies appear on players' feet.

With the 90's after the players become the mainstream of the stadium, make public the personality of the desire to manifest through all, this is the main reason for the popularity of color shoes. According to adidas' creative director of soccer Antonio, colored shoes are popular with amateurs and young players, and sales are generally up significantly, and the shoe company's designs are seen as adapting to the market and consumer tastes. "This year's World Cup is like a fashion show." According to the introduction, adidas spring and summer this year more than 80% of the sneaker is to have bright color.

The preference for shoe colour is also linked to the player's position on the pitch. According to the survey, strong goalkeepers tend to prefer more saturated traditional colours, while midfielders or strikers are more likely to prefer bright colours - a kick from the goal, in addition to the ball, painted in a bright arc with the boot. However, there is also a feeling that showy boots are not for players. "the assistant referee is more likely to notice if they are slightly offside because they are too sharp. And if you're wearing black sneakers, it's okay to overdo it."

Sneakers have brains, too

There have always been a lot of "forrest gump" on the football field, not running, physical, full of movement is their characteristic, strong will is particularly able to support their advantage, but this World Cup a technology, may change the fate of the players helpless and painful - not to fight to the moment of cramping, the coach knows it is time to replace.

In the era of increasingly intelligent electronic devices, a football shoe dubbed "with a brain" has made its World Cup debut in Brazil.

The shoes have special grooves in the soles for the miCoach speed sensor. The sensor can capture 360° of a player's movement and record key indicators such as instantaneous speed, average speed, fast speed, sprint times, distance moved, distance moved at the high intensity level, pace and stride length, helping players and coaches more accurately analyze on-field performance. The microchipped shoes also capture a player's movements and cardio status, and wirelessly upload the data to a tablet, allowing fitness coaches to keep track of their players' fitness. In addition, teams such as England have introduced new software that can find out the success rate of any player's passes and the number of tackles he is averaging. The software also provides video clips that show the strengths and weaknesses of opposing players. In the age of big data, you don't have to fight your head off and cramp your feet.

Performance matters

"Everyone should have a good pair of shoes, because those shoes will take you to a beautiful place." The same could be said of the players at the World Cup in Brazil from the TV series meteor garden. Style, technology, for a sneaker, these are, after all, "external beauty." The stand or fall of cleats, bigger measure standard still sees the master of the shoe on the field performance.

Neymar's "tuhao gold" has not yet reached the realm of "good shoes". The boots that embodied neymar's boyhood dreams came out in the opening match of the World Cup's knockout phase. As a teenager, neymar had his football boots painted in gold, and this time Nike not only introduced his own golden boots, but also a gold paint can and a sneaker design on the insole to show the story behind the design.

But "tuhao jin" failed to help neymar score in the 90 minutes. Neymar, who switched to his orange shoes, scored the latter penalty to send Brazil through to the last eight with a win over Chile.

Puma's mix-and-match football shoes aren't exactly "good shoes" for many. Italy's Mario balotelli, Spain's cesc fabregas and Italy's gianluigi buffon all went home in the mixed colours; Of course, aguero, dent will continue to "one foot blue, one foot pink" to the "good place" continue to run.

For now, the closest thing to a "good shoe" is messi's combat boot, despite its much-maligned appearance, which was once dubbed "cow" by fans. Inspired by the black and white facial paint of Brazilian indigenous warriors, the adidas black and white football shoes have three stripes in gold. Of course, "the king of the plum" boots are exclusive combat boots, because in addition to black and white gold, but also the addition of Argentina's blue elements. Despite their lack of cool looks, the boots have already helped mei score four goals, all of them decisive.

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