The shoe factory owner wrote a letter to his employees.

Issuing time:2020-04-08 15:29

The shoe factory owner wrote a letter to his employees.


Hello, as an employee of a shoe company, you are used to job-hopping. When you enter a shoe company, you will talk about benefits. You always think about what time to leave work and when to have a holiday. A lot of times, if you want your boss to appreciate you, it's best to work with your boss's mind...

If a shoe enterprise employee's idea is wrong, so this employee's education is high, ability is strong again, also cannot become a good employee. Because a person's thoughts will determine a person's behavior, a person's thoughts will determine a person's behavior. So the most important thing is not to look at the employee's education, age, experience, height, appearance, but to see whether the employee has a good idea.


So what is a good idea?


See a shoe enterprise employee whether good idea, the most important point is to see whether he can stand in the enterprise's Angle, the boss's Angle thinking problem. If an employee is considerate of the company and the boss, he or she can be a good employee even if he or she has only a junior high school education.

The reason why many college students are not welcome by the enterprises is not that the enterprises really do not want people, but that the enterprises are afraid of those who enter the enterprise, have not done any credit for the enterprise, in the enterprise to talk about the interests of the boss, talk about returns.

A to grow, to succeed on don't care, the success of life lies in life, not in the moment. Why some people work for a lifetime or working boy, and some people work for a few years when the boss. In fact, whether a person can be a boss, the key point is not the level of education, not the length of working hours, but whether the employee has a boss's thinking concept.


An employee sees the harvest of a month, a manager sees the harvest of a year, a boss sees the harvest of a lifetime. How far a person can see determines how much you can achieve. The more concerned about the immediate gains and losses of the people will not grow, success.

Success in life must follow because of the law. Want to succeed must first precipitation, to want to vent must first suffer, to want to rise must first bow, to want to head must first bury oneself in the head, to want to get the harvest must pay the price, but most people are not willing to do so, of course, and success is out of the question.

Although these are the most basic truth, but often a lot of shoe company employee did not understand. When they come to work in a shoe company, they are not thinking about how to create value and wealth for the company. They are thinking about how much my salary is this month, how long my vacation is, when I get off work and so on.


If a shoe enterprise employee is coping with a job with the thinking mode of a working boy, so this employee's education is high again, the work time is long also not necessarily can have how many promising. Because the boss does not appreciate the idea of workers, for an employee who does not care about the interests of the enterprise, do not control the cost of the enterprise, do not improve the efficiency of the enterprise, do not assume corporate responsibility, do not care about the prospects of the enterprise, then you are not promotion opportunities.

So good employees have to have good ideas. You need to think like your boss.

The same reason, even if you are a low degree of new employees, if you think of problems with the mentality of the host, at any time for the boss to advise, solve the difficulties, so one day the enterprise has what good development opportunities, the boss is the first thought of you. Because people help each other, the more considerate employees are, the more they can be reused by the boss, and the more selfish employees are, the less they can be recognized or promoted by the boss.


More work more, less work less, no work can not, reluctant, not, this is the most basic principle of life. However, too many employees just can't do it, they are always on the job, on the pay comparison. They always think that everyone in the company has the advantage, and he is the one who suffers the loss, so this kind of employees are not willing to pay, they are not willing to contribute, they are afraid that their efforts will not be rewarded.

However, the more no pay more no return, the more no return, the more he did not want to pay. The result of vicious circle is oneself finally be eliminated by the enterprise, be eliminated by the market.

So today's job seekers, the reason they are unemployed is not because they are incompetent, but because they are wrong.


The employee is not in the boss's shoes. Why would the boss want you? Because businesses don't do charity, they have no obligation to support you. A new employee, although you have a high degree, before you have not created performance for the enterprise, why do you want a high salary ah!

You don't assume responsibility, why should the boss give you no responsibility for the basic salary ah! If you don't have the confidence to accomplish your goals, how can your boss trust you? So that's why many college students can't find a job and why employers can't hire employees. College students require their bosses to give before they work. Bosses demand that employees create value before they are paid.


Of course, according to the principles of the market economy, the boss is doing the right thing. But too many employees are just being unreasonable because they don't want to be responsible for the results, so the boss is afraid to use them. Because the boss is responsible for the customer's results. If the customer is not satisfied with the result, they can refuse to pay. However, employees can be irresponsible for the results and ask the boss for their pay.

If the shoe company recruits a group of irresponsible employees, not only will the shoe company not develop, it will even drag down the shoe company, so the boss would rather lack people than dare to hire. That's why it's so hard to find a job when there's a shortage of workers. Because the boss and the employee have different ideas, they must be responsible to the customer, or the shoe company cannot survive.

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