Three steps to complete the shoe factory production process quality management

Issuing time:2020-04-08 15:36

Three steps to complete the shoe factory production process quality management

Some time ago, a friend called me to tell me about his troubles at work. My friend is engaged in production management, but recently the quality of their products often went wrong: for a period of time, he also strictly grasped the quality, but the production efficiency immediately declined; He again pay close attention to production efficiency, but the quality is out of question again!




Friends in the distress of the wandering, thought of asking me for help! I summarize it in three sentences: develop three senses, follow the process control, and add two weapons! I passed it on to my friends.

Step 1: develop three types of consciousness

One is the awareness of self-inspection: product quality is manufactured, not inspected. The secret of production quality control is: let everyone do their own products.

The second is the awareness of mutual inspection: for the last process or workshop flow to the product, resolutely do not produce defective products, do not receive defective products, do not pass defective products.

Third, the special inspection consciousness: after doing the action of self-inspection and mutual inspection, the production supervisor can instill to the full-time inspector: the employee wants to produce at the same time, is doing the work of self-inspection and special inspection at the same time, as the full-time inspector, should have the strong quality control consciousness more.

Step 2: follow the process control

First, the first inspection control: before the product is launched, the team leader, quality inspectors and employees must carefully verify the materials to be put into production; The tooling to be used should be equipped to ensure that the performance is stable and in good condition.

Two is the patrol inspection control: in the production process, management personnel and quality inspection to the product spot check, to use 80% of the energy to focus on the production of weak links, such as: novice staff, key equipment, key positions.

Third, the final inspection control: in the line, for the final product, to focus on control, often at this time the mentality of the staff are more impatient. The faster you finish the job, the more control you have!

Step 3: add two more weapons

The first weapon is "Ming dao" - "three analysis three not pass" activity. The whole process of the activity should truly achieve "the cause is not clear, quality responsibility is not clear, corrective measures are not implemented. The manager holds the "Ming dao" in each hand and strives for a little improvement in quality every day.

The second weapon is the "back arrow" - the human quality awareness test. There is only one way to survive the test of "backstab", that is to maintain a high degree of vigilance and responsibility at all times in the work, "do not accept the unqualified products from the previous process, do not pass the unqualified products to the next process".

A few days ago to answer a friend to call again, say the method that I impart to him still really effective, he existing mood also is cheerful, the boss's attitude to him also is close a lot of!

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